We are the Gintl people
We are the Gintl people
We are the Gintl people

When you invest in a product, you invest in the team first. It's time to get to know the people who make Gintl.

Gintlers - "the Gintl people" – is a community of bartenders, mixologists and just dreamers who decided to express their love for Gin in the form of their own drink, woven on an interesting combination of tastes. This is a community of connoisseurs of Gin, craftsmanship, bar and mixological culture. We are Gintlers.


Co-founder, chief ideologist, investment banker with ten years of experience. In 2012, while on an internship in London, he tried the classic London dry Gin for the first time and realized that this is love. Already in 2016, he thought about creating his own Gin and made his dream come true in 2021 by launching the production of Gintl. The main goal is the presence of Gintl in all parts of the world.


The co-founder, chief mixologist, began his journey into the world of bar culture as a tea master and assistant bartender. Having worked in the teams of the best cocktail bars and clubs in Moscow, in 2012 he became a chief bartender. For the last 3 years, he has been actively developing the bar community, creating local craft products, but above all - creating the Gintl Gin.