The magic of the process
The magic of the process

It all starts with a careful selection of ingredients. Yes, we know... "careful selection"... this phrase has long been sore, but... we really scrupulously approach the selection of ingredients, because this is the basic stage of production.

This is followed by the stage of maceration. Some ingredients (don't ask which ones, we won't tell you anyway) we infuse on rectified ethyl alcohol from wheat for more than a day.

Next comes the fun part: vacuum distillation. It goes at low temperatures, thanks to which we select the very heart of the distillate full of delicate, fresh aroma and purest taste without any heavy impurities.

The process is completed by the distillate marrying, which forms a subtle combination of flavoring and aromatic shades of Gintl.

Tell us, is this not the magic of creating the purest premium Gin? Perhaps you will say that there is no magic here, and we just love what we do and do, what we love. Well, maybe that's the way it is...

On both sides of perfection

A perfectly matched composition of ingredients is the key to Gin's unique, distinctive taste. We have two such keys: on the one hand, we honor the traditions of the classic Gin recipe, on the other hand, we bring new bright notes to the character of the drink.


Coriander, angelica, fresh lemon and grapefruit zest and the best-of-its-kind Macedonian juniper are not just a tribute to the tradition of Gin making.

This is the base that guarantees the perfection of the unique taste.

Lime leaves that bind the freshness of juniper, citrus and spice; licorice root to balance sweetness and freshness; green grain cardamom for a spicy and herbaceous accent; raspberries, lingonberries, cranberries - berry-tart, native Russian botanicals; and the main ingredient of Gintl – sagaan-dali, a Russian botanical who gives the drink its unique herbal-fruity accent.

Sagaan Dali legend

Gintl always has an interesting history. But we would like to start with this one. And you will soon understand why.

From generation to generation, Altai shamans pass on the legend of the appearance of the miraculous plant sagaan-dali. A long time ago, in the predawn hours, the white eagle Sagaan flew to one of the high mountains of Altai.

Turning around as a young man, Sagaan met his beloved Dali, a shepherd's daughter. But the wicked witch envied the happiness of the lovers. Once she set traps near the cliff to catch Sagaan, and she brought a treat with a sleeping potion to the trusting Dali.

And while Dali slept soundly, the newly arrived Sagaan fell into the set traps. Despite the magic of the sorceress and the tenacious teeth of the traps, Sagaan managed to get out of the trap and hide.

Waking up from sleep, Dali saw bloody eagle feathers. Blaming herself for the death of her beloved, she stepped off the cliff... when suddenly she was caught up by white wings that carried her into the distance.

According to legend, in those places where bloody eagle feathers lay, a healing shrub grew, which was named after the names of the lovers - Sagaan-Dali".

The miraculous power of love contained in sagaan-dali now fills every bottle of Gintl. Take a sip of Gintl, enjoy the legend.