Sometimes people do amazing things
that are worth trying...

Gintl is a love story for an amazing drink whose nobility and character have won the hearts of millions. This is a story about professionalism, passion and daily improvement. This is the story of Gintl. And it starts right now...

This is Gintl

Gintl as a drink is a distinctive Gin with a mild taste and a dry berry-herbal finish. Vacuum distillation, rare Russian botanists and a little bit of magic endow Gintl a special character that many will like. But these are just words on paper...

Therefore, our advice to you: open Gintl – it will say everything for itself.

Life's work

It is important for us that people who want to get to know Gintl, hear its history or become a part of it, clearly understand why and why we are producing it.

Our main goal is to reveal to people the truth that even in Russia it is possible to make delicious, high-quality Gin, to develop a culture of strong alcohol consumption without betraying oneself.

And we will not be content with little. Having won the favor of our compatriots, we will carry the best that we have outside our homeland, so that in every country on all continents people can taste Gintl, appreciating its quality and taste.

Our mission is to unite millions of people, to give them the joy of communication, opening new pages in the magical world of mixology and bar culture. We want and will do it with confidence and flavor. With a mild and rich Gintl flavor.
Born to be a legend

The main ingredient of Gintl is the amazing botanical sagan dali, which grows in the Altai highlands. There are legends about its origin and properties. But we are sure that it is best revealed in cocktails based on Gintl.


A good cocktail is compared to a fascinating story: an enticing plot, a bright climax and a memorable aftertaste. What will a cocktail based on Gintl tell you?

Gintl is a love story ...

And if you are ready to share our love and passion for Gin, if you want to get to know and taste Gintl, if you are interested in writing your name in the history of Gintl... we will always be glad to see you.